Google Scholarships fully funded for International Students in the United States and Canada 2022

 Do you want your name put in the running for the 2022 Google Scholarship for International Students in the United States, which is completely funded?

We are happy to let you know that the Google scholarship program will remain in place through the end of 2022. The Google Scholarship program is one of Google's humanitarian initiatives.

This string of deeds started in 2005 when Google created for charity reasons and pledged to donate $100 million annually for the following five years.

Google spoke on several important subjects along the way, including climate change and alternative energy sources. The world took note in November 2007 when Google revealed a multi-billion dollar effort to create renewable energy sources that are less expensive than coal.

Due to this, Google introduced a number of significant projects in 2012, such as Google Crisis Response, which attempts to increase access to crucial information for persons who are in areas hit by natural disasters or humanitarian crises.

Google has prioritized racial justice, education and digital skills, disabilities, and disaster response as the year 2016 has gone on.

As part of its larger objective to narrow the worldwide education gap, Google has committed $1 billion to the education sector.

In comparison to other students who are either provided with or have greater resources for their educational endeavors, many students, particularly those from Africa or poor nations, are at a disadvantage.

The development of self-learning apps, online lesson plans for teachers that can be accessed by anyone, from any location, and assistance to nonprofits in the creation of learning platforms has already made significant progress.

Available Google Scholarships

To help young students in the US, Africa, and other nations across the world, Google annually offers scholarships through collaborations and sponsorships with a range of schools and organizations.

Google gave students financial aid during the previous period in the form of scholarships, with an average award value of $10,000.

as an instance;

The Google Europe Student with Disabilities Scholarship is open to students with disabilities.

The Women in Technology Scholarship

There are Google Lime Scholarships offered.

Scholarships for the Google of Tomorrow

Application requirements and eligibility for the CSSI Google Scholarship

Candidates must fulfill specific criteria.

The candidate was a senior in high school at the time of application.

intend to enrol in a full-time bachelor's degree at an institution of higher learning in the United States or Canada,

intend to enroll in one of the department's computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, or related areas of study.

strong levels of drive and enthusiasm for learning computer science that can be clearly seen

and be qualified to take part in the standard CSSI program.

The following information must be included in the application, which must be submitted online:

updating your resume in pdf format

The student's high school transcript includes personal data.

ACT or SAT test results (if applicable)

A multiple-choice short answer question requires respondents to provide a response in no more than 200 words.

Students from other nations as well as international and African students are eligible for the CSSI scholarship.

There are no age restrictions and no prerequisites for computer science experience, as long as the applicant plans to study in the US or Canada.

Additionally, candidates are urged to apply as long as they exhibit a high degree of curiosity and passion. pupils from underrepresented groups

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