Details of the fully funded Exemption Scholarship at Université de Montréal Canada for 2022 can be found here.

 Foreign students who are eligible for the Université de Montréal Canada 2022 exemption scholarship are encouraged to apply.

International students are welcome to apply for the Exemption Scholarship – Université de Montréal, Canada 2022. This scholarship covers all subjects and is open to students enrolled in Master's, Undergraduate, and PhD programs at Université de Montréal.

The scholarship application deadline is yet to be announced. As a result, we encourage all of our esteem audience to apply as soon as they finish reading the information. Students from outside Canada will not be charged any additional fees as a result of the University of Montréal's new scholarship program.

The new program aims to assist top talent from around the world in attending one of the world's leading francophone research universities. This brand-new program

These foreign students will contribute to the diversity of the Université de Montréal community, which will help us achieve our educational goals.

An exemption scholarship program is available to international students at the University of Munich.

Starting in 2022, they will be exempt from international students' tuition fees. Scholarships will be given out for the terms of winter 2022, summer 2022, fall 2022, and winter 2023.

Education: High school diploma or GED.

Scholarship for Exemption at the University of Montreal in Canada Universite de Montreal's Masters, Undergraduate, and PhD programs will begin accepting students in 2022.

The following fields of study are open to you as a recipient of this scholarship.

A broad range of topics

What this Scholarship Could Do for You: 

As a foreign student, you are qualified for a full waiver of the extra tuition fees typically charged to foreign students.

Under this exemption bursary, graduate students in Québec are entitled to the same tuition fees as undergraduates.

1. The cost of your studies will be $21,038.13 per year, or $7,012.71 for every session, for a total of 45 credits (equivalent to 15 credits).

This amount is deducted from the annual tuition of $25,125.93. (45 credits).

The writing and correction sessions will be charged the same tuition fees as Quebec students.

The scholarship's value is determined solely by the performance of your academic record. Applicants must submit official transcripts as part of their application. The investigation's findings are classified into three groups.

At Level A, two sessions (or 30 credits) will cost you $12,465.60 per year, or $6,232.80 per session (15 credits) or $415.52 per credit.

Level B costs $5,940.90 per year (two sessions equaling 30 credits) and perhaps $2,970.45 per session (15 credits).

At Level C, two sessions (30 credits) cost $2,078.10 per year, or $1,039.05 per session (15 credits), or $69.27 per credit.

Level C awards are automatically given to students who enrolled in a certificate, major, minor, short program, or year of preparation for university education.

These funds will cover the  $24,607.80 in annual tuition costs (30 credits).

Higher Education Master's Degree Programs

As a foreign student, you are qualified for a partial exemption from the additional tuition fees normally charged to students from countries other than the United States.

3 sessions times $3 262,65 equals $9 787,95 per year (equivalent to 45 credits) (equivalent to 15 college credits)

This amount is subtracted from the $27,992.70 in yearly tuition (45 credits).

The sessions for writing and revising will be charged at the same rates as those charged to Québec

Applicants must be of the following nationalities:

Students from other countries

To be fully qualified, individuals must meet the following requirements:

1. Non-Canadian citizens or permanent residents with a study permit

2.Who will be registered in a full-time field of study throughout their studies,

3. Who wouldn't benefit if a different policy or measure provided a different type of student tuition exemption? Francophone students in France and Belgium already have this type of exemption.

How to Apply

1. Fill out an application when apply for admission.

 You can get an overview of the application and admissions process with a helpful checklist that walks you through the steps required, .

Before you start filling out the application form, double-check the deadlines and admission requirements for the programs you're interested in.

2. Follow up on your application in order to receive an admissions offer.

You will receive an email with your "Student Centre" access codes after submitting your admissions application. Keep track of your application and receive your acceptance letter right here.

3. Start your assessment by accepting the offer of admission.

You are not required to apply for an UdeM Exemption Scholarship.

A review of students' files will determine their eligibility and scholarship amount.

4. The award amount will be communicated to you in writing or emails.

The University of Montréal will promptly email you after receiving your admissions offer to let you know how much of a scholarship you are eligible for.

This document must be printed and kept in a secure location.

For the sake of future use.

Details of the fully funded Exemption Scholarship at Université de Montréal Canada for 2022 can be found here. Details of the fully funded Exemption Scholarship at Université de Montréal Canada for 2022 can be found here. Reviewed by Dora Blog on May 15, 2022 Rating: 5

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